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About Me

As an Art History major in college, I developed a passion for art. With years of observation, I learned to appreciate both the visual and the story present in each piece. I travelled in France for extended periods of time throughout college, determined to visit every museum I could. After college, I worked for many years teaching Language Arts in elementary school, a creative endeavor in itself. Eventually, I had three children. As they grew, I dove into art classes at local art centers and art schools. Here began my personal exploration of art. Now thirty years later, I want to share my art with others.


Each piece combines acrylic paint, gels, pastes and my own painted papers in varying degrees. I make art to bring joy to myself and ultimately, to others. Bright colors, intriguing textures and bold, simple shapes can be drawn and redrawn infinitely. I intend to continue this exploration forever.

Shows to Date:


Three Stones Gallery, Concord, MA - October 2022 solo show, October 2023 group show, February 2024 solo show


Field Gallery - West Tisbury, MA 2021, work on display May - December 2021, '22', '23... with a solo show in August

Nest Gallery - Dedham, MA November 2021 solo show

Stina Sayre - Vineyard Haven, MA Sept. 2019 solo show

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